Marketing Chocolate

Throughout history, chocolate has been marketed differently to different consumer types. Some companies like to show their customers that their chocolate has the most weight, by using digital scales and then showing what the price computing scales read on the actual package label. Yet, other companies prefer to create an upscale image, by making their […]

Scientific Nutrition for High Performance Living

Whatever you want the most out of your career in sports, business, or as a busy mother, you should consider how the food you eat can help you – or keep you from achieving your goals. Being good at whatever we set out to do is enjoyable, would not you agree? Not only is it […]

Lose Weight with the Semolina Diet

Most weight loss plans are difficult precisely because they involve taking away food – and depending on the psychological issues that may have been at the root of your weight gain in the first place, this can be a particularly challenging thing to do. You might find yourself rebelling, even if you are mentally committed […]

Top Horror Books That Are Scarier Than Movies

There is nothing that leaves an impact on our mind more than movies. They are the visual representation of a scene imagined before. As we already know, a picture is worth a thousand words, we prefer watching films over reading books. But in reality, there are some books that may give you goosebumps while leafing […]

Type 2 Diabetes – Do Genes and Diet Interact?

Much has been written on how genes affect our body and how nutrition affects us, but what about genes and nutrition together? According to research reported on in the British Journal of Nutrition in January 2017, genes and diet can combine to do more than either could do alone. Scientists at the University of Singapore […]

Committed To Losing Weight

If you were committed to losing weight, here is what you would have to do: 1. Establish very tiny, uniquely small, and easily reachable fitness goals that you can actually check off each day and benefit from almost immediately. 2. Redirect and power up your intellect and mind-set, by learning at least one brand new […]

3 Skin Nutrition Secrets For Beautiful Skin

No matter how vigilant you are, your skin takes a beating. It’s a tough world out there – and your skin is on the front lines. However, all is not lost. You don’t have to resign yourself to your skin showing every battle it has waged with the elements. Nor do you have to suffer […]

Audio Books Online You Can Read While You Listen

Sometimes there is nothing so relaxing like reading your favorite title with a bottle of beer to give you company. Your mind cries out for revenge as you read Shakespeare's Othello or is mellowed out as you turn the pages of Walt Whitman's Leaves of the Grass. But alas, the murderous rat race and the […]

Netbook Review

You may or may not have heard of the term "Netbooks". They seem to be all the rage in personal computing these days. So what are they? Netbooks are the new class of mobile computers that offer an alternative to laptops. Basically, they are a smaller version of the laptop, both in form factor and […]

Intermittent Fasting And The Phase 1 Diet For Maximum Fat Burning

There may be a lot of readers who are only familiar with one or the other. Both have a unique style that packs a big punch to fat loss and proper health. On the surface only one of them is considered a “diet,” but even that term is held very loosely. I am very familiar […]